Dedicated to…

This blog is dedicated to the love of knowledge.

These three groups of which this blog is fabricated can be able to get benefit from. They are as follows:

  1. For those who are in Information System (IS) research, in particular, in embracing Design Science Research (DSR) methodology, it will be mainly discussed in this blog. But this particular methodology is also described along with other IS theories in this blog. For instance, I will also describe Diffusion of Innovation, UTAUT, Activity theories and some others IS theories whereby they were once very close incorporated into the case studies I analyzed. The case studies will be discussed in a way that how they lend themselves to be represented by those theories. I might also share related paper discussed those IS theories as my references. For those who are planning to pursue a higher degree, this might be your interest.
  2. For those who will be sitting in my classes, this blog is also dedicated to you as this will be a medium for us to discuss and interact virtually. This type of communication, turns out, is efficient and at some points might be effective as well. I will inform the materials I have delivered in classes, the assignments as well as the evaluation marks of the subjects and necessary announcements. Should you have questions in any way related to them, you can definitely drop a comment to them. I will respond it in the first place.
  3. And for those who are eager to discuss to address your issues, this can also be a place where we can share ideas and solutions. I am a project management certified and have long experience in analysis and design Information System and network computer, particularly in develop and support e-government initiatives in the local government. I categorize these as a community service. As I have also highly involved in various projects IT/IS and working very closely with the practitioners around the world, I can share what I have got from the interactions.

Finally, hope this blog will be useful for you.